• Lower Trading Cost

    Zero online trading commission.Low spreads on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

  • More Flexible Trade

    Buy-sell trade for contracts trading

  • More Efficient Investment

    Fixed trading procedures and policies act cooperatively. Execute a transaction within a few seconds.

  • Diversified Products

    GWFX Global provides muptiple popular trading products and currencies.

Cryptocurrencies Trading Examples
Investors can buy or sell to trade cryptocurrencies. Generally speaking, investors buy if they think the price will rise, otherwise, sell if they think the price will fall. They earn profits if they make the right decision. See below trading examples to learn more

How to calculate profites/loss on trading cryptocurrencies?

Profit ( or loss)=(Closing Price-Opening Price) * Contract Size * Lot(s) - swap

*No Overnight rate included if investors close positions within the day. Actual rates shall be subject to those provided on GWFX Global.*

Trading Examples

In GWFX Global you have sold

5 lots of BTCUSD with the opening position at 3200, and the you close position at the price 3250 within the day. In this case you will lose: Profit ( or loss) = (close price-opening price) * contract size * lot(s) – swap = (3250 – 3200) * 5 * 1 – 0 = 35 USD

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