• Competitive Trading Cost

    Zero online trading commission, lowest 1.2 spreads on EUR/USD, 1.3 spreads on AUD/USD

  • Low-threshold Trading Conditions

    Lowest 0.1 trading lot per transaction (100,000 base currency), lowest $20 margin to start trading

  • $10 Million Execution Power

    Each quoted price supports up to $10 million transaction volumes; Quick execution under multiple orders simultaneously

  • Bouncy Leverage Ratio

    Different leverage ratios towards all products. Le -verage up to 1:500. Traders can adjust positions and capital to control profits and minimize risks

Forex Trading Examples
Forex is a buy-sell trade. Generally speaking, investors buy if they think the rate will rise, otherwise, sell if they think the rate will fall. They earn profits if they make the right decision. See below trading examples to learn more

How To Calculate Profits Or Loss of EUR/USD?

Loss/Profits=(Closing Price-Opening Price) * Contract Size * Lots ± (Overnight Rates Commission) (If Applicable)

*No Overnight rate included if investors close positions within the day. Actual rates shall be subject to those provided on GWFX Global.*

Trading Examples

On GWFX Global App, If you bought

0.5 lot EUR/USD (1 lot = 100,000 EUR) at 1.3010 and closed positions at 1.3060,Loss/Profits = (Closing Price – Opening Price) * Contract Size * Lots ± Overnight Rates – Commission Loss/Profits = (1.3060 – 1.3010) x 100,000 x 0.5 ± 0 – 0 = 250 USD

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