• Lower Trading Cost

    Zero online trading commission. Lowest spreads SP500 0.5

  • More Flexible Leverage

    Up tp 100:1 leverage ratio. Investors can adjust leverage ratio based on their trading strategies and risk preference.

  • Less Risks

    Indices trading is related to stock price fluctuation in the main stock markets in the world. GWFX Global provides massive stock market data for reference, which is helpful to control risks.

  • No negative balances guaranteed

    Under no circumstances would loss amount be more than capital. We have full control over the loss amount and risk management ability.

Indices Trading Examples
Investors can buy or sell to trade indices. Generally speaking, investors buy if they think the price will rise, otherwise, sell if they think the price will fall. They earn profits if they make the right decision. See below trading examples to learn more

How to calculate profits/loss on trading indice?

Profit ( or loss)=(Closing Price-Opening Price) * Contract Size * Lot(s) - swap

*No Overnight rate included if investors close positions within the day. Actual rates shall be subject to those provided on GWFX Global.*

Trading Examples

In GWFX Global you have sold

2 lots of DJ 30, with the opening position at 24630, close position at 24600 within the day, in this case there is no swap at all. And the contract size of DJ 30 is 5.Then the profit you win is: Profit/Loss = (closing price – opening price) * contract size * lot(s) – swap = (24630 – 24600) * 2 * 5 – 0 = 300 USD

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